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Motorsports Marketing Programs

Use Your Sponsorship Partnership to Build Business. Your Guests are a CAPTIVE AUDIENCE Instead of Being one of a Hundred Vendors at the Convention.


We hold the keys to a hi-speed, hi-energy country club where you can entertain, educate, motivate and inform your target constituency. Just take a look inside our exclusive world of sports marketing, consumer activation and business building tool

  • Hospitality Tents, VIP Suites, Garage Area Tours, Event Catering
  • Driver Meet & Greets, Autograph Sessions, Photo Opportunities
  • Sponsor Identity on Hauler, Uniforms, Pit Equipment, Cars
  • Sponsor Identity on Driver Helmet, Uniform, Motorcoach
  • Corporate Spokesperson, Product/Service Endorsements
  • Possible Product Placement with Associated Sponsors
  • Dealer/Associate Performance Incentive Programs
  • Revenue from Licensed Merchandise Royalties
  • Consumer Test Marketing/Sampling at Events
  • On-Track Driving Experiences for Guests
  • Show Car Tour, Driver Appearances
  • Proof-of-Purchase Campaigns
  • Consumer Contests
  • In-Kind Trade


The World Wide Web Never Sleeps: At any given moment, literally hundreds of thousands of consumers and business prospects are accessing the sport of auto racing through their favorite media portal, search engine or bookmarked sites.

Who, What and Where They Visit: This virtual audience will bookmark our Drivers and comment on their racing blogs. The Driver’s League and their Sponsors Websites will be linked. YouTube, Facebook, Flickr, MySpace and Wikipedia will all contribute to the continuous stream of info-sharing.

Through the good office of Digi Craft, our multimedia partner, NexGen is able to create the innovative and effective media solutions for our Drivers, their Sponsors and Teams.

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