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Driver Representation

With NexGen as your representing agent, you will receive the utmost attention to every aspect of your career. From team owner referrals to team equipment and personnel evaluations, from physical trainers and driving coaches to accountants and sports attorneys, as a NexGen driver you will be counseled by some of the most respected professionals available to the motorsports industry.

Talent + Training + Dedication + Representation + Opportunity:

These are the Five Elements of Success, the Formula which Ultimately Determines Your Personal Level of Achievement.

Regardless of which auto racing series you may choose to pursue, all five of these fundamental elements must be applied if you are to advance your career up through the auto racing ladder system.

TALENT: It can be a subjective call, but almost everyone in the sports industry agrees, talent is what helps to separate a champion from the rest of the pack.

TRAINING: But, talent is not enough in today’s motorsports arena. Seat time, professional coaching, practice, testing, classroom instruction, these are just a few of the activities we expect our drivers to complete if they have serious ambition and want our assistance.

DEDICATION: 24/7 + 365 +110%. Do you have what it takes to survive the disappointments as well as the victories? If you want to truly succeed and gain the respect of the motorsports industry, are you fully prepared to make the personal sacrifice of time, money and effort? Your future in the sport will depend upon your answer.

REPRESENTATION: NexGen is just one of the important tools in your professional support system. And, while NexGen can play a significant role in guiding your future, your family, your friends, the people you surround yourself with, their attitudes and actions can and will affect your career. Choose very carefully whose counsel and influence you subscribe to. In professional sports, you don’t often get a second chance.

OPPORTUNITY: Some people are just plain lucky. That’s what it often seems like from the outside looking in. But, when you look beneath the surface, what seemed like luck, or overnight success, was really the result of years of hard work, planning, training, practice and dedication, having the right representation, and hard, cold cash.

NexGen has developed a professional screening process that can help you identify and recognize your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to meeting industry demands and practices. Ask yourself, do you possess or have you mastered any of the following:

  • Physical Fitness & Stamina
  • Personal Appearance & Grooming
  • Outgoing Personality & Winning Attitude
  • Public Speaking & On-Camera Presence
  • Loyalty & Respectfulness & Honesty
  • Talent, Training & Experience

Just like in any business, networking and who-you-know play an important role in how far you will climb the motorsports ladder system. Calling upon 50 years of continuous involvement, NexGen enjoys a close working relationship with many of the leading auto racing series, their officials and respective team owners. Whether your career choice is open wheel or stock car racing, as a NexGen Driver, we will tap into those long-standing relationships to help you reach your goals.

So, you are well on your way to establishing yourself as the driver to watch, the champion to beat. You have adopted the Five Elements of Success into your daily routine. You have chosen NexGen or another qualified organization to guide you along your career path. Now comes the one puzzle piece that has curtailed some truly deserving talents: MONEY.

In the World of Professional Motorsports, money buys horsepower, track time, training and in most recent times, that coveted driver’s seat. It is becoming common practice that driver’s are bringing their own sponsorship to the table when negotiating with a team for the driver’s position.

It is so very important you understand the workings of a sponsorship, the responsibilities of delivering what is promised, and how you build a lasting relationship with your sponsors so you aren’t caught up in the money chase every season.

NexGen can help you master the business side of our sport. Even if you enlist our marketing services or the services of others, as a professional athlete, you need to understand the rules of engagement. At the end of the day, you will be required to put your signature as guarantee to the fulfillment of any agreement, be it with sponsor, series or team. Be Prepared / Be Professional / Know Your Industry!