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Our Mission

The primary goal of NexGen Motorsports is to seek out those young men and women who meet or exceed very stringent criteria for consideration and placement as a professional driver-athlete within the highest ranks of competition.

About Us

Do you have what it takes to be a champion? If your true ambition is to make auto racing your life's work or you're ready to turn the wick up another notch on your current racing career, we can help you reach for that ultimate goal. Our industry reputation for scouting out those who have the talent and drive to get the job done speaks for itself.

When a talented young sprint car driver named Ryan Newman (2008 Daytona 500 Winner) and his father Greg needed someone who could connect them with the top decision makers of NASCAR, they went to Charlie Patterson to get the job done. When the late stock car phenom Kenny Irwin or Two-Time Sprint Cup Champion Tony Stewart were ready to move into the top ranks of NASCAR competition, they went to the man who could open that door, Charlie Patterson.

Now, with the formation of NexGen Motorsports, Charlie and his panel of experts are ready to prepare the Next Generation of Auto Racing to take their place in the world of motorsports.

Charlie Patterson and his NexGen Motorsports organization are proud to offer a comprehensive driver development program which includes the planned release of an instructional DVD titled, “Yellow Stripes: Making the Driver™” (YSMTD). Watch for a late Fall 2009 release date.

Featuring a DVD complete with interviews and companion booklet, YSMTD is designed to afford young, aspiring drivers the opportunity and confidence to develop the basic skills necessary to launch and sustain a successful career in the ultra-competitive sport of auto racing.

YSMTD will also share important information on the common mistakes young drivers (and their families) often make, the distractions and pitfalls they need to watch for in the real world of motorsports.

Supplementing this NexGen educational product is the availability to gain on-track seat time and skill evaluation with proven racing instructors.

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Charlie Patterson

Charlie Patterson

Founder / CEO

Over fifty years of winning experience and hard work have earned Charlie Patterson the distinction of being recognized as an expert in the field of auto-racing. Charlie began his motorsports career back in 1958, at age twenty, as a crewman for an Indy Racing team. He spent the next thirty years mastering a variety of skills from lead fuel man to crew chief.

During this same period, from 1969 to 1989, Charlie also joined the ranks of car ownership fielding his own USAC Silver Crown and Midget racing teams with such notable drivers as Johnny Rutherford, Kenny Jacobs and Johnny Parsons behind the wheel. From time to time you could even find Charlie piloting one of his midget cars out on the open wheel circuit. Another early career highlight came when Charlie was hired as motorsports consultant and provided race cars for use in the filming of Paul Newman’s motion picture WINNING.

The latest chapter on Charlie’s colorful career comes with the formation of NEX• GEN Motorsports – a new driver search and placement program designed specifically to fulfill the growing sponsor demand that NASCAR and its teams provide a younger, more camera-friendly driver image as representative of the sport. In the world of product marketing, perception is reality and the consumer demographic being targeted is increasingly getting younger.

To the benefit of our industry, Mr. Patterson has the proven ability to single out those young men and women who possess the rarest combination of natural talent, star image and the personal dedication necessary to achieve championship status – both on and off the track. With “motorsports veterans” like Charlie Patterson watching the road, the Next Generation of auto racing has a very bright future ahead!

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